Please see below for answers to some frequently asked questions. If the below doesn't answer your query, please feel free to get in touch using the live chat in the bottom right of your screen, or if you prefer by email here.


Q: Which shops will deliver to my location?
A: When you input your postcode we will only show you local shops that offer delivery to your location.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Delivery times are dependent on the opening hours and stock availability of our stores. If you order before 1pm it is possible in most cases to receive your items on the same day between 3pm-7pm. Alternatively you can schedule your delivery for a later date too.

Q: How much is delivery?
A: Delivery costs start at £3.50 for an order from one shop and £1.00 per each additional shop. This is capped at at maximum of £6.00 per order for items from an unlimited number of stores. Some of our stores also offer products for collection.

Q: How far will you deliver?
A: Our delivery catchments can vary from one area to another. We can usually deliver up to a maximum of a 25km (15 miles) radius of the city centre.

Q: Can I order from more than one retailer?
A: Yes you absolutely can order from multiple retailers. This is one of the major advantages of the Click It Local platform. When ordering from multiple retailers you will only have to make one payment and we will consolidate your order so you receive one bulk order with all your items.

Q: Can I subscribe to products through Click It Local?
A: Yes you choose a frequency when adding a product to your shopping bag. When you do this the items will automatically be re-ordered for you. You can pause or cancel your subscriptions whenever you want to in your customer account.

Q: Do you offer gift vouchers?
A: Yes you choose buy Click It Local gift vouchers. They will be attached to your confirmation email as a PDF file containing a code. That code can be used to buy products from any of our stores at any time.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?

A: Once your order is confirmed and paid for it is possible to edit or cancel that order via your customer account up until the store starts to prepare the order. If the store has already started then the cancel option will be greyed out. 

Q: How do I return items?
A: If you need to return an item you can login to your Click It Local account and view past order to request a return.

Q: What if my item was damaged?
A: In the unfortunate event an item gets damaged you can send us a direct message with a photo and description of the damage to resolve.

Q: How do I get my favourite shop added to click it local?
A: If you have a local shop you would like to see on Click It Local we would love you to tell us about them.


Q: How many products can I add to my Click It Local online shop?
A: You can add an unlimited number of products to your Click It Local store.

Q: How do I setup a Click It Local online shop?
A: Contact us to get you setup straight away. Once setup you can add products and manage your store by using a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Q: Can customers collect from my store?
A: Yes you can choose whether you offer delivery, collection or both.

Q: If my store is closed on certain days how do I ensure customers don’t order on those days?
A: You can set your store opening times in your Click It Local store dashboard. On days you are closed your orders will automatically be pushed to the next day you are open.

Q: When do I get paid for orders from my shop?
A: You will be paid each week. To receive your store payment please ensure you have added your bank details in your store dashboard.

Q: How do I manage available stock?
A: In the Click It Local dashboard you can simply switch your product between in or out of stock to ensure customers can’t purchase items that are out of stock. You can also choose to use exact stock numbers that will be deducted on each sale, as an optional feature.

Q: How do I add a new product to my Click It Local shop?
A: Once you have signed up, go ahead and login in to your Click It Local dashboard and select the products tab to add new products.

Q: How can I track deliveries and collections?
A: You can login to your Click It Local dashboard to track all deliveries and collections.

Q: How much does Click It Local cost for me to setup and use?
A: You can setup your store for free and there is no monthly subscription. All you pay is 7.5% on sales and the Stripe fee (1.14% + 20p for every transaction) which will automatically be deducted from the payment you receive for orders.

Q: How do I need to package my products ready for delivery?
A: The better you pack your items the less risk there is of damages. We advise packaging your items similar to how you would for any mainstream couriers.

Q: What is the process for damaged items?
A: In the unfortunate event an item gets damaged the customer will contact us with a photo and description of the damage. We will then work with the customer to resolve the issue.