About us.

Our ethos is to enable local independent shops and retailers to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon on convenience and choice.

Shoppers can use Click It Local to buy from multiple local retailers online with one website, one payment and get one same day delivery.
- Search your local area by town or radius
- Browse by shop or product
- Add products to your basket and pay
- Choose same day delivery or collect from store

Shops can now setup a click & collect or delivery service in minutes with a smart phone. We will take care of the rest by managing the logistics, marketing and send them more Shoppers.
- Setup your shop profile with any smart phone, tablet or computer.
- Add unlimited products.
- Track all sales, deliveries and collections.

Delivery Partners Couriers, taxi firms and cyclists can signup to become a approved Click It Local partner.
- You can register online to become one of our delivery partners.
- Every delivery partner is manually reviewed and one of our team will get in contact.
- Once you are registered you will receive collections and drop offs via our app.
- Get paid daily.

Ethically Conscious

Buying local supports the local economy

“Buying tangible goods from an independent business produces about double the local economic impact compared to national chains, the first edition of the Home Sweet Home study found in 2015. Its findings from its 2017 and 2018 studies continue to show that locally-owned businesses have a greater impact on local economies.”

"Profits earned by independents stays in the local economy and is often reinvested locally, unlike chain and online stores. Chain store profits returned to the local economy are nominal at best,” the Home Sweet Home: Locals vs. Amazon study says.

Low carbon footprint because deliveries are local

Unlike many large retail chains and online giants we are able to keep a very low carbon footprint because all our deliveries are local. Within cities we are able to offer a zero emissions delivery service by using electric bicycles and electric vehicles.

Many of us as consumers have a “I need it now complex” and “I have no time to go to a local shop”

Convenience is driving us to purchase from business that don’t support our communities.

Click It Local strikes the perfect balance of convenience vs ethics
- Same day delivery
- Low carbon footprint
- Supports the local community and economy
- Large choice of products
- Competitive prices